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Intellectual Property

Stealth Air Corp. leverages high quality commercial-off-the-shelf technology and blends it with proprietary and patent-pending IP to form truly unique and advantageous solutions. From in-house production of unmanned systems peripherals to autopilot firmware development, Stealth is capable of advanced problem solving and actionable deliverables. Stealth maintains a large portfolio of valuable intellectual property which enables the company to be a leading solutions provider. Stealth currently has a multitude of patents pending.

Current Publications:
(Note: This is not a representation of all intellectual property held by Stealth Air Corp. It is instead intended to represent those publications which are currently available for public viewing through the United States Patent & Trademark Office and World International Property Organization.)

Image: This snapshot was retrieved from one of Stealth Air Corp’s pending patent publications.
Intellectual Property counsel provided by: Dilworth & Barrese, LLP

Dillworth & Barrese is a full-service intellectual property firm and is a strategic partner of Stealth Air Corp. D&B is comprised of attorneys with strong technical backgrounds and understand the critical needs of high tech corporations.