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Our Fleet

Stealth Air Corp. maintains a large fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles to accomplish the most demanding tasks. A variety of aircraft provides Stealth certified operators to perform mission-specific tasks in a way that is difficult or otherwise impossible to achieve by human beings. Stealth’s proprietary autopilot firmware and hardware is airframe agnostic and is compatible with a multitude of aircraft configuration types and sizes.

Stealth predominantly employs a fleet of multirotor aircraft which are powered by electric propulsion systems. Specialized Stealth aircraft can operate in sustained winds that exceed 45 miles per hour (72 kph) and are able to hold position autonomously. Electric multirotor aircraft are agile, responsive and discrete for sensitive mission requirements, yet robust enough to operate in the most demanding environments.


Stealth utilizes a combination of both COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) and proprietary sensor technology. The use of proven, high quality commercially available sensors provide for on-demand services while proprietary technology allows for unique data capture technique and deliverables. Stealth Air Corp. UAVs are often capable of multi-sensor payload carrying capabilities which provide the operator and client with concurrent information that can be captured in a single mission. When appropriate, sensors are mounted on anti-vibration, gimbal-stabilized mounts to maintain integrity of data, despite environmental conditions. Stealth is also capable of custom sensor integration, data capture and reporting capabilities depending on the needs of the client. Contact us today to learn more about application specific sensor requirements – info@stealthaircorp.com