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Thermal Auditing Capabilities

Stealth Air Corp. is disrupting the conventional “boots on the ground” technique of capturing thermal imagery. Currently, clients report moisture intrusion or insulation issues after they’ve already occurred. Finding problem areas and cleaning up water leak events is extremely costly and obstructive to a business. Moisture and insulation issues today are detected by handheld equipment which offers a limited field-of-view and resolution. Stealth Air Corp. offers airborne thermal auditing services whereby unmanned vehicles capture a structure, roof or asset’s heat signature for the detection of moisture intrusion or problematic insulation areas. Stealth employs certified thermographers to review this high resolution imagery and provide a professional opinion that is immediately actionable and informative to the client.



Non-destructive, airborne imagery provides an alternative to the current “probe and puncture” technique


Proactive asset monitoring prevents unintended moisture intrusion from becoming damaging and costly


High-resolution thermal imagery captured during a mission provides the thermographer with the “big picture” assessment of the structure to enable a credible and evidence-based opinion