Why Use Our Drones?

All Stealth Air Corp. UAV aircraft are built from the ground up, with each piece carefully manufactured to be able to withstand commercial use and abuse. Stealth Air Corp. UAVs are designed specifically for autonomous flight, true autonomous flight, not what is perceived in the public markets today.

Everyone today has the ability to use their smart phone or their smart watch to have a UAV follow it, or you can set it on a brief course that goes within the stretches of the Wi-Fi connection that the watch affords it. When it runs low on power, it returns to the general proximity of where it was launched.

Stealth Air Corp.’s UAV aircraft are designed specifically to be put on a flight path not necessarily to ever return back home, except for maintenance and power replacement reasons. When we launch a UAV we don’t have to worry about deviation from flights.

The flight plans in computers that are used today in the general markets do not compensate for what is called “GPS drift” and are considered highly inaccurate up to 30 feet. It seems that they cannot be flown blind without risking a serious collision in any of the three dimensions.

Our aircraft will fly within twelve inches of its designated flight path with hyper-accurate precision. When it has to land, it will be landing within the same parameter of twelve inches at most, with automatic re-landing in the event of an atmospheric anomaly.

At that point, because our flight system and landing systems are so accurate, it allows us to employ a self-charging base so when the UAV lands on the pad, it can automatically recharge. There is no other unmanned aircraft in this world that we know of that can accomplish the this task so accurately. We have the highest payload, the longest airtime, and the shortest recharge time, making this a vehicle worthy of the commercial endeavors that the markets now require.